Regulatory Compliance

We have been working with governments and regulators for over twenty years, helping to formulate some of the most expansive policies for the operations,  super vision and monitoring of online and land based gaming.

We are credited with having implemented the first online gaming regulatory monitoring solution in New Jersey.

Now, we bring all that expertise direct to the marketplace. We developed a Solution as a Service for online gaming regulatory compliance. We have teamed with Axon and Aqubix to collate many sources of data, standards, policies, procedures and rules from multiple jurisdictions into one single platform.

Jurisdiction Coverage

Malta | Remote Gaming Regulations
New Jersey | N.J.A.C. 13:690
First Cagayan

Key Policies Covered

Know Your Customer Continued
Due Diligence
Responsible Gaming Measures
Site Content Change Monitoring
AML STR/SAR Reporting
Business Continuity Reporting
Change Management
Social Media Monitoring
HR Compliance